Joaquín Melgarejo Moreno

Director and coordinator of the Chair of Water.

Professor of History and Economic Institutions. He is currently the Director of the Water and Environmental Sciences Institute of Alicante University.

Andrés Molina Giménez

Senior contributor.
Full professor of Administrative Law at Alicante University.

Patricia Fernández Aracil

Junior contributor

PhD researcher

Claudio Sánchez Sánchez

About us

The Chair of Water of Alicante University has been created to enhance a department that is dedicated to research, training and dissemination in the field of comprehensive water resource management, promoting activities that have been designed with a global vision of all the disciplines that are involved in running it. This Chair, which has been launched with the help of the Alicante Country Council, will be in charge of organising activities aimed at promoting the dissemination of knowledge about sustainable water management.

In this way the Chair of Water of Alicante University will contribute to the generation of specific knowledge to deal with challenges and the different problems related to the comprehensive water resource management that arise.


  1. In the training area, the granting of scholarships and aid, the call for awards and cooperation with other institutions to carry out joint ventures will be encouraged.
  2. In the area of research, the Chair will start lines of research and specific studies and the submitting of PhD theses will be encouraged. Furthermore, national and international expert meetings on subject matters of interest that are related to water will be promoted.
  3. In the dissemination area, the Chair will focus on organising congresses, conferences, seminars and talks. Scholarships and aid will also be granted for research projects. Publications will be written and edited. To publicise its work the Chair will continually publish information online.